I have offer for security related people. I have .zip file that has been compressed with password. Inside is another .zip file, but I need only the outer password.

I grant 1000€ for anybody who will be able to compute the password (or guess it).

Filename is not important here, file is owned and created by me in 2014. It's length is 32 783 140 bytes (~32 MB).

More details: ZIP archive, version to extract 2.0, host OS Unix, method Defl:X.

If you think you can guess/compute the password - please contact me. I think the password is not in any public dictionary. Maybe it is MD5 or SHA256 hash (small letters a-f and digits).

I can send you the file, but I pay only for the correct password. I will not pay for trying to guess it.

I know that password is surely:

  • 12+ digits
  • 9+ 0-9a-f
  • 8+ symbols+space
  • 7+ ASCII (0-255) characters
  • 6+ printable characters